Main military clinical hospital of internal troops of the MIA of Russia

12 january 2017, 02:04

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The Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation INTERNAL TROOPS Main military clinical hospital of internal troops of the MIA of Russia is the oldest hospital in the army. Since 2005, the hospital is headed by honored doctor of the Russian Federation the General-major of medical service Yusupov Igor Levitin. Main military clinical hospital of internal troops of the MIA of Russia traces its history back to 1924 when the division of special purpose deployed the emergency room. In 1948, after a series of transformations, the facility received the status of a military hospital. Now it is the main medical institution of the internal troops. The hospital is the multidisciplinary medical facility providing specialized care. This is due to the availability of the latest medical equipment, modern medicine and skilled medical personnel. The hospital consists of 4 centers more than 30 departments of medical a special forces battalion of the provision in which serve and employ 8 doctors of Sciences, 32 candidates of Sciences, 19 honored doctors of the Russian Federation and 9 honored workers of health. The hospital is able to accept patients with various diseases of the internal organs of a modern combat trauma and pathology has offices diagnostic surgical and therapeutic profile. It has a modern laboratory equipment, ultrasound and x-ray diagnostic apparatus magnetic resonance imaging apparatus for conducting functional studies of the cardiovascular system and the respiratory system. The hospital carries out scientific-practical work in many areas of medical and diagnostic work. Hospital staff take an active part in all-Russian scientific-practical conferences, International congresses symposia and congresses of health workers in the CIS countries and Europe. Many doctors were trained in medical centers abroad. In recent years, centers and departments of the hospital have worked closely with leading medical institutions of Moscow as the Moscow medical Academy. I. M. Sechenov scientific research center of cardiovascular surgery them. A. N. After Bakulev research Institute of neurosurgery named. N. N. Burdenko. In just the last 5 years Main military clinical hospital of internal troops of the MIA of Russia received treatment more than 30 thousand people. From the area of combat applications of the internal troops received qualified medical assistance to more than 15 thousand people. More than 80 hospital staff have combat experience gained in Afghanistan in the North Caucasus and other hot spots. Military work of hospital employees received state awards. Professionalism

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